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The San Francisco Bay Area - Silicon Valley - is an environment of ideas, experiment, community and commitment. From day one of the Silicon Valley Inspiration Tours program, we were passionately committed to changing our participants life: to connect them with some of the most inspiring Silicon Valley personalities, entrepreneurs, community-gurus, founders, makers, investors, educators and more. 

120 Tours after the foundation of the program, the whole world is looking at a new situation. We want to embrace this new situation, together with you – and keep on doing, what we can do best: connect you with our community, curate inspiring, insightful and riveting conversations.

Welcome to the Virtual Silicon Valley Inspiration Tours.


Watch the Speakers of our 2nd Virtual Silicon Valley Inspiration Tour

Intro: Niki Ernst

Niki is serial entrepreneur with a catalog of failure stories and some that worked out fine. He is passionate about Changing the life of ten people every month, which also happens to be the motto of this program...more



You can watch the recordings of the previous Virtual Silicon Valley Inspiration Tour here

Rate of the Tour: USD 500 (for the whole program)


Meet a

Stanford Professor

Mario Herger


P R I V A T E   V I R T U A L   T O U R S   F O R   C O R P O R A T E S

Just like our onsite program, you can get your individualized, curated program. We want to hear from you about which specific field of interest you are putting focus in a briefing call, and within ~10 days, we can pull together a set of online meetings with the same people you would otherwise meet in person. This program is specifically relevant for companies with non-essential travel freeze policies.

Rate: USD 200 per meeting per participant.

Includes: personal email to the people we meet