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A Week with the most amazing Silicon Valley Women.


June 29 – July 03 • 2020 | SIGN UP NOW



Silicon Valley is a cuisine de la innovation. The worlds biggest organizations are headquartered between San Jose and San Francisco. Some of the best universities in the world are Silicon Valley based. About half of US venture capital is traded in the San Francisco Bay Area, 25% of US venture capital is traded on just one road.


It is a combination of community spirit, hunger for change, curiousity to explore and discover and conscious naivity that makes Silicon Valley the biggest incubator of future businesses in the world. But there is one thing worth mentioning, because under-announced, one could say: a silent fact. Silicon Valley is the place of superwomen. 


In 8 years of running Silicon Valley Inspiration Tours, we have met so many amazing and exciting women, inspiring the groups and becoming northstar for so many.


We want to dedicate the 3rd Virtual Silicon Valley Inspiration Tour to Silicon Valley Women. During a 5 days program, we will meet two incredible personalities, every day. Women that shape the future, women that explore new spaces to make the world a better place. Women that play their best cards: being a leader and being compassionate, at the same time. Skills of the future.


The Silicon Valley Women - Inspiration Tour is co-hosted by the social rockstar and jack-of-all-traits superwoman, Laura Falquez.


Monday 06/29

Laura Falquez & Niki Ernst
Kick off & Intro to the program

Jody Medich | The Interfaces of the Future

Tuesday 06/30

Olga Mack / The Future of Law

Wednesday 07/01

Michelle Serna / Resiliance and Bravery

Aprajita Jain / Google

Thursday 07/02

Chiara Cecchini / Future Food Institute

Kathryn Myronuk / Future Earth

Friday 07/03

Silvia Vasquez-Lavado / Curageous Girls

Emily Basileo / Futurist

Bonus Features:

Recording of every session

Personal Intro to every person we meet.

Watch the Sessions of the SILICON VALLEY WOMEN Inspiration Tour

Niki Ernst

Niki is serial entrepreneur with a catalog of failure stories and some that worked out fine. He is passionate about Changing the life of ten people every month, which also happens to be the motto of this program...more



Daypasses are available for only USD 100


P R I V A T E   V I R T U A L   T O U R S   F O R   C O R P O R A T E S

Just like our onsite program, you can get your individualized, curated program. We want to hear from you about which specific field of interest you are putting focus in a briefing call, and within ~10 days, we can pull together a set of online meetings with the same people you would otherwise meet in person. This program is specifically relevant for companies with non-essential travel freeze policies.

Rate: USD 200 per meeting per participant.

Includes: personal email to the people we meet