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Silicon Valley Inspiration Tours Program

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The Lost in Translation Dilemma (TEDxGraz)

Europe has a problem. And its not about the innovation- and creative potential. It's about how Europeans are treating eachother.

A global tribe. About TEDx

TEDx has started as a passion project. Amplifying people and their ideas, bigger than us. In only a few years, this project turned into the biggest global community of conference curators with over a Billion views per year on their YouTube channels...

A conversation about Exponential Organizations
and a new mindset.

Niki Ernst in a conversation with Stephen Collins

Strategie Austria Symposium (Deutsch)

Eine Reise durch die letzten 10 Jahre, in denen Exponentielle Organisationen linearen Organisationen den Rang abgelaufen haben – und wohin diese Reise führen kann (oder wird)