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Silicon Valley Inspiration Tours Program

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Explore Silicon Valley in just one day!

Here is what is in the package for you:

# an Intro to the Silicon Valley Mindset, and why "candyland" is like no other place on earth - and what this means when you go back to any other place on earth, called home.

# a dive deep into exponential growth strategies. What business leaders from all over the world are queueing up and spending a fortune to understand, will be shared with you in the most comprehensive (and fun!) way.

# visits to some cool places. We will go to AmazonGo, Apple Park, Stanford University, Googleplex, Amazon Books, facebook HQ and the Tesla Flagship Store, to explore these places to better understand why they are doing what they are doing.

# sneak into and touch the future. We will go on a journey far out future (Autodesk) and "in front of the house"- future (b8ta). Buckle up. 

Tour starts at 08:30 am and you will be back in SF at 07:00 pm

Participation rate: USD 400,–

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