Silicon Valley Inspiration Tours and Global Inspiration Tours are the next generation of Innovation- and Ideas Conferences. There is no faster, deeper, more meaningful and more impactful way of learning from a speaker than actually meeting him in person and spending an hour with him.


Our three and five days tours are exactly that: a taylormade curation of up to 5 activities per day, build around the participants of groups never bigger than 10. It is the most intimate and reasonable way of a learning experience.


Our Job is to make sure that you will return with actionable insights,
tools for your next strategic roadmap
and a new network of key innovators of your industry.

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Silicon Valley Inspiration Tours & Global Inspiration Tours are Initiatives of the IACy Network.

US: IACy LLC • 3201 23rd St • CA 94110 San Francisco • mail call

Europe: IACy e.U. • Arnethgasse 44/16 • 1160 Vienna • Austria • mail call