The most popular program reboots our onsite tours. We are excited! Put yourself on the list and meet us Apr 12-16, 2021

We will talk about the future of education, the future of retail, get updates on technology (AR/VR/XR, IoT, AI, Robotics), have dive deep sessions on Exponential Growth Strategies and the Art of Storytelling, the Skills of Social Intelligence and Growth Hacking. Like any other program in the SIlicon Valley Inspiration Tours lineup, the Campus Tour will be taylormade to the participants: you will meet people we think you should have a conversation with - to get a clear vision of the future of your industry.


The detailed curation will be taylormade to the participants - which is a group of max 10 people per flight.
You will meet who - we think - you should have a conversation with. The itinerary for your flight could look like this:


San Francisco


Mixed/Bay Area


Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley


San Francisco

Autodesk, amazon Go, Exponential Growth Strategies, b8ta,...

Intelygenz, BirdEye, Mozilla, Plug and Play,...

Google, Apple, SAP, Facebook, Stanford University,...

Cogswell College, Tesla, Amazon Books, Impossible Burger,...

wework, Circuitlaunch, Propelland, UBER,...

With 10 people per flight, our seats sell out quickly!


Amazon go

In the Campus Tour, we will talk about the future of retail and live experience seamless shopping at checkoutfree amazongo

Exponential Growth Strategies

Your host and the curator of the program, Niki Ernst, is expert in Exponential Growth Strategies - and during the program we will talk about the difference between linear- and exponential organizations and how to transform a company.

Live like a local

We will have a very informal and fun experience. You will meet inspiring personalities like friends who are open to share experience, give insights and become your future Silicon Valley Network.

Hewlett Packard Garage

There is also some room for touri-program. Visiting the HP Garage, Steve Jobs last house and other SV Landmarks is always a neat add on to the very intense program.

Artificial Intelligences – Use Cases

Many people talk about AI. A few people talk about real use cases. We will meet real champions of AI as a Service - to maybe even help you answer your next big questions.

Future of Education

One of the most important visits of the program is about the future of education. You will meet one of the most inspiring teachers at Cogswell College and enjoy a fresh and new concept of learning and teaching.

Back to Brick and Mortar

Amazon disrupted the bookstore industry and is now building one brick and mortar bookstore after the other. We will be introduced to the smartest bookstore you might have ever experienced.

Go Niners!

The Levisstadium, home of the 49ers is not only an impressive sports arena but also a hightech setup of its own. A behind the scenes tour is always fun and impressive

Design Products and Services

...that matter. Propelland is one of our favorite companies in Silicon Valley. You will meet the founders and understand, why.

Singularity University

SU is the faculty of exponomics. We will have meetings and conversations with some of their tech-gurus and get a sneak journey into the future.

Scenic San Francisco

With up to 5 activities per day, a scenic tour with some wonderful photo-opts to remember this program can be very relieving.

Yes, food.

We will have a lot of good food, but also some future of nutrition experiences...


The most successful car company in the history of the US automotive industry. There is a lot to talk about TESLA.

d.school/Stanford University

d.school is the mother of Design Thinking education. Founded by IDEO CEO Dave Kelly and SAP Founder Hasso Plattner, one of the most important education faculties in Silicon Valley

Get surprised by SAP

You will be surprised how innovative and inspiring SAP is. We will visit the APP haus and learn a lot about the innovation strategy that keeps SAP one of the leading Software companies in the world.


...Talking about feeding 10 Billion people....is a very important conversation, because the way we feed ourselves today, will be impossible when we have reached peak population...

the giants

No Silicon Valley without google, apple, facebook et al. Some we will visit, some we will meet, some we will just swing by. People are curious to meet these companies, so its totally ok to feel the same :-)



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