08:30 Kick off Breakfast

Cafe de la Presse

Intro to the Silicon Valley Mindset, and what will happen during the day.

(best Egg Benedict in town!)

09:30 Seamless Shopping

at amazon go

Experience the new shopping experience. Walk in, grab some stuff, walk out.
You will feel like a crook.

01:00 Walk through

Stanford University

History and some anectodes of Leland Stanford Junior University. We will sneak by the Home of the Design Thinkers.

04:00 Future of cars?


Tesla is an exponential organization (and you will learn what this means) - and we are not talking about the future of mobility.

02:00 The Future City

at Apple Park

Apple Visitors Center is not only a supercool exploration AR exhibit of Apples Headquarter, there is actually a story behind...

05:00 exponential thinking

NASA Ames/SingularityU

We will spend the whole day, talking about linear- versus exponential organizations. Eventually we will swing by SU...

10:00 Dream big. Build big.

at Autodesk

See what the architects of our future are working on. Understand that if you think of something big and its doable - you dont think big enough.

02:30 dine like its 2050

Impossible Burger

Feeding ourselves when we are 10 Billion people like we do today, will be impossible. Time for a change. Future is today.

05:30 Hello googlers

at googleplex

Walk through googleplex, take selfies at the android park, randomly meet some googlers and hear about google as an employer...

11:30 Future of retail

at b8ta

Explore Tech of the Future. But be careful: you are subject of a datamining service. Scary? Cool? Makes sense? You will find out.

03:30 smart bookstore

amazon books

Amazon disrupted the bookstores. Does it make sense to go back to brick and mortar?
Hell yeah! You will find out, why.

06:00 thumbs up!

at facebook HQ

A selfie in front of the facebook sign is a must! And facebooks 1mile long one-room-building is impressive to drive by.

The exclusive invite-only tour.

Silicon Valley One Day Tours are unplanned, spontaneous and curator invite, only.

Enjoy this very special day!

Tour starts at 08:30 am and ends at 07:00 pm

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